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How close/far will the Video Flex focus? All models focus as close as ¼" (6mm)and as far as infinity.

Can I change the lens on the Video Flex? Yes, lenses are interchangeable. Every model is equipped with an 8mm lens, but additional lenses (4mm, 16mm, 25mm) are available at your Ken-A-Vision dealer.

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Will the Video Flex connect to my television? The unit will connect to any device with a Video-In connector. Some televisions are not equipped with this connection, and in that case a RF modulator or a VCR recorder is additionally needed. If it is a TV/monitor it will have a Video-In, then the unit will connect to it.

Will the Video Flex connect to my VCR or Video Projector? Yes, it will connect to the Video-In connection. Consult the owners manual of your VCR for using the Video-In connection.

Will the Video Flex connect to my computer? The 7600 will connect to a computer equipped with a USB port. All other models will need a USB adapter to operate with the computer, available from Ken-A-Vision. Our USB products require Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, or XP for proper functionality on PCs; on Macs, you will need OS 8.6 or later.

Will the Video Flex connect to my microscope? Yes, every model has a built in 34.5 mm eyepiece, and comes with a separate 28 mm eyepiece adapter for connection to microscopes. Other sizes of eyepiece adapters are available.

Will the Video Flex connect to my stereoscope or telescope? Yes, the model's built in 34.5 mm eyepiece will fit most stereoscopes. If needed, additional eyepiece adapters (23mm, 25mm, 28mm, 33mm) are available at your Ken-A-Vision dealer.

Refer to Video Flex instruction manual for more details on connecting the above mentioned.

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What is?

What is the warranty on the Video Flex? The 2100 model has a two-year warranty, and the 7000 series has a five-year warranty. The warranty does not apply if the product has been tampered with, disassembled, or damaged by misuse, accident, modification or unauthorized repair.

What is the Discovery Scope Kit? The Discovery Scope Kit is an attachment that allows for close-up adjustment. The Discovery Scope's telescoping tube allows for this adjustment, with one end attached to the neck of the unit, and the other attached to either a tweezer-clamp (for holding 35mm slides or anything else it can grab onto) or a specimen box (for live specimens or anything else you wish to put inside of it).

What are the top panel control buttons? The manual contrast controls adjust to any lighting condition, the positive/negative switch reverses the polarity of the video image to highlight details, and the flourescent control eliminates the pulse caused by antiquated flourescent lighting.

Why do I need a built in microphone? The microphone allows users to record onto a VCR, and then replay it with sound.

What is the Kensington lock slot? Every model (excluding the 2100) is equipped with a Kensington slot, which allows the unit to be locked into place with the purchase of the optional locking attachment.

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TIPS using Ken-A-Vision's Video Flex USB

Be sure to download the latest software from our web site.

Feel free to contact us for technical support. You can email questions or issues concerning our USB products to [email protected].


Camera is not working.

Step 1: Verify that the camera is plugged in properly to a functional USB port.

Step 2: Verify that the drivers are functioning:

a. Find the Device Manager (Control Panel = > System = > Device Manager (under Hardware tab in XP and 2000)).
b. Look for the following drivers:
Zoran USB Live! (1004) -- For Video Flex, USB Adaptor, or T-1953 digital microscope
USB Video Camera -- For Pupil Cam, Vision Viewer, T-1252 microscope, or T-1952 microscope.
c. Right-Click on the correct driver, and select Properties.
d. Device Status should say “This device is working properly.”
e. If Device Status says “Device cannot start”, restart your machine and try again.
f. If Device Status shows another error, remove and reinstall the driver.

Step 3: Verify that DirectX is installed and updated on your computer.

a. Click Start, and then Run.
b. Type “dxdiag”.
c. Verify under DirectX Version that you are running DirectX 8.0 or higher.

If the software installation does not start automatically…
To start the software installation, follow the steps below:
Step 1. Double click the My Computer icon;
Step 2. Right click on the CD-ROM drive icon;
Step 3. Select the VisExp.exe file and the installation should begin.

To learn more details of the software click the help menu in the main screen.
Software/hardware requirements for Vision Explorer 1.3.75:
Pentium II 433 mhz
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+
128mb of RAM
Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
8mb Video (24 bit color)
DirectX 8.0

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