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X2000 MP2
Ken-A-Vision introduces the 21st century "state-of-the-art" version of its 50 year old Microprojector! This new inverted microscope has a zoom lens and digital technology that connects directly to your classroom projector or computer. Ken-A-Vision is again reinventing the way science is taught.
  • Longer Working Distance: Room for larger specimens or containers
  • No Slip Covers Needed: Specimens will not be crushed
  • No Heat From Light Source: Specimens do not get overheated; lighting is above the stage, not below
  • Rheostat: Control the light from above
  • Longer Viewing Time: Living organisms can be viewed over longer duration; temperature and oxygen levels remain same as in the room
  • Floating Stage: Easier to use with the larger specimens & containers
  • Zoom Lens: 4x - 30X Zoom
  • XGA Camera: High resolution images; project through a LCD Projector
Objective Lens 4x - 30x Zoom
Focus Adjustment Rack and Pinion
Stage Rack and Pinion
Light Source Powered by Ken-A-Vision Cool Lighting
Resolution 1024 X 768
Output Signal Digital XGA
Advanced Features Rheostat
Floating Stage
Zoom Lens
XGA Camera
X2000-1 Comes with LCD Projector
Warranty Five years on microscope
One year on camera